Fixtures, lamps, chandeliers

Lamps, light bulbs and chandeliers are items used to illuminate rooms.

Light bulbs are light sources that are installed in lamps or table lamps. They can be ordinary halogen or LED lamps, which are selected depending on needs and preferences.

Lamps are structures to which light bulbs are attached. They come in different types and shapes, for example, ceiling lights, wall lights, table lights, floor lights, etc.

Chandeliers are a special type of lamps that serve to illuminate large and spacious rooms, for example, living rooms or halls. Chandeliers can be huge and impressive, and they can be modest and elegant.

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Different lighting devices are used for different purposes – for general lighting of rooms, for accentuating individual objects on stage or in the interior, for creating an atmosphere and mood, for shooting videos and photos, etc. For example, ceiling chandeliers and lamps can be used for general lighting of the room, table lamps – for reading and working at the table, architectural lighting – for lighting buildings and structures, theatrical lighting – to create effects and play of light and shadow on the stage. Different types of devices have different power, color temperature, light scattering angle, etc., which allows you to use lighting devices to achieve different goals.